Cochranville, PA   
Oct 8, 2008

Today we hauled to a nearby hill so that I could take Finn for a little gallop.  I use the word hill loosely because this was something else.  We parked at the end of a dirt road and started hacking down a beautiful grassy lane that was perfectly mowed.  And we kept hacking, and kept hacking, all the while it was just a steady slope downwards.  After a while I realized that this 20 ft wide, golf course quality, turf lanne was the “hill” we were going to gallop up.  I thought about all the hours I’ve spent doing gallop sets in an arena and became very jealous of everyone in this part of Pennsylvania.  It turns out this is a pretty famous “hill” on which many famous event horses have conditioned.  If ever I win the lottery, I’m going tlo build me a galloping lane like that!  One can dream.

Cochranville, PA   
Oct 6, 2008

I’m happy to say that Finian successfully traversed the country and arrived fresh, fit, and in good order.  He’s had a few easy days to settle in and meet the neighbors, and he wasted no time with either.  He’s quickly become the source of entertainment for everyone at the barn.  We’re staying at Kate Ditchy’s farm and, as I’d expected from knowing Kate, it is immaculate.

Oct 3, 2008

If it isn’t packed now, it won’t fit in the bags anyway.  I’m heading to the airport for a red-eye flight to Philadelphia.  Ringwood Magister left on a van several days ago.  We will meet up at Kate Ditchy’s farm in Pennsylvania and stay there until we move down to Elkton, Maryland, for the Fair Hill International CCI**.