Cochranville, PA   
Oct 8, 2008

Today we hauled to a nearby hill so that I could take Finn for a little gallop.  I use the word hill loosely because this was something else.  We parked at the end of a dirt road and started hacking down a beautiful grassy lane that was perfectly mowed.  And we kept hacking, and kept hacking, all the while it was just a steady slope downwards.  After a while I realized that this 20 ft wide, golf course quality, turf lanne was the “hill” we were going to gallop up.  I thought about all the hours I’ve spent doing gallop sets in an arena and became very jealous of everyone in this part of Pennsylvania.  It turns out this is a pretty famous “hill” on which many famous event horses have conditioned.  If ever I win the lottery, I’m going tlo build me a galloping lane like that!  One can dream.