Elkton, MD
Oct 16, 2009

A quick look at the news and you will hear about the drenching nor’easter dumping rain and snow all over the east coast.  Add to that the barely above freezing temperatures and you can pretty well guess what Fair Hill is like.  The whole place is mud, the cross country, the arenas, the stabling, and even the roads.  There is a scattering of stranded trucks waiting for the tractors to pull them out and I have completely given up on keeping Finn’s tail white.  To say it’s uncomfortable is a understatement.  My rain coat was soaked through by mid-morning and, believe you me, when it’s only in the high 30’s, that is most unpleasant.

On a more positive note, the coarse is very nice although plenty tough, and Finn is feeling well and ready to go.  We had a very good dressage test today, with just a few minor mistakes.  Finn was moving so well and being so obedient it could have easily been a winning test, but with our little errors we’re in 6th on a 45.8.  With this nasty weather the footing, or lack there of, on cross country tomorrow will surely be influential.  I’m hoping for a conservative, clean go but anything could happen.