Los Angeles International Airport, 
Oct 8, 2010

Just a quick note to mark the beginning of a voyage.  I’m sitting at LAX, killing most of the morning, waiting for our flight to Holland.  I left Carmel Valley at 1:00 this morning…well almost 1:00.  I did have a bit of a false start when I shredded a trailer tire before I ever left the driveway.  When Bea said “call if you need anything” I don’t think she had a tire changing pajama party in mind.  She’ll think twice before she offers next time!  Spare tire on, we set off for a 9:00am arrival at the airport for Finian’s USDA inspection.  After that we loaded and weighed all the gear (yikes), for which you pay by the kilo.  A couple hundred dollars just for hay and grain, that’s when you know the horse has it better than the human!  Now we’re just waiting. 

We load Finn at 2:00 and then I go through normal security and boarding and will join up with him on the plane.  I’m told I get a seat at the very back, right next to a door that goes straight to him.  Secret trap door into the mysterious innards of a Boeing 747?  It’s all new to me but I’ll try to take some photos. 

More news soon …..