July 20, 2015

Hungerford, England
July 20, 2015

This season is flying by and maybe it’s because things are going well and I am busier than ever.

Most excitingly, Finn is coming back out competing again and he feels ready to take on the world! He’s entered in the CIC3* at Burgham at the end of this month and he will no doubt be very happy to be back at it. He did the dressage at Tweseldown last week for his first outing and he was so excited he made up the test as he went! He had all the moves and zero obedience! It’s so good to have him happy and feeling so well, and hopefully by Burgham we’ll be able to channel that exuberance in a more orderly direction!

Another very exciting bit of news is that I have a new ride on a horse called Aloha who used to be campaigned by Jonelle Price and Brian Cournane. He is a sensitive character with the biggest heart and I am so looking forward to building a partnership with him. He had a very successful run at Tweseldown in the intermediate, and he’s next entered at Burgham to do the CIC2*. We plan to take our time getting to know him, but once we do, I have very high hopes for his future.

People may have noticed from my website that Murray Lamperd’s 4* horse, Under the Clocks, is currently in my yard. Ninja is an absolute legend with top finishes at almost every 4* around the world. I am going to get him out and going at Intermediate level so he can hopefully do a CCI3* or CCI4* this fall/autumn. He is such a cool horse and a great character to have in the yard.

Cavalier Crystal was great again at Chepstow BYEH class finishing in the top 10. She also jumped another fab double clear at Upton House last week making it all feel so easy. She is such a talented mare I am really looking forward to her future and moving her up the levels.

Diabella Urgenta (Henny) had a great first Novice run at BCA last month, and other than a green moment at the water, she cruised around like she’d been doing it forever.

We are pleased to welcome back Ashley who is a friend from CA who spent last summer with us, before having to return home to finish University. We have had her mare Eva with us through the winter, and now Ashley’s back and planning to campaign her show jumping. They are getting to know each other again after a year apart and it’s exciting to see their partnership growing by leaps and bounds. I hope they will have a very successful summer.

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all that Kinnordy Rivaldo (Ken) was put to sleep after an accident in the field last month. He was the toughest little horse I have ever known, and it makes me so sad that we never got the chance to fulfill his potential. In the few events we had together I was always awed by his talent and so excited by what he could do. He truly was a super star that never got his moment on the big stage but I will always remember the movement, jump, and gallop of a horse that was one in a million.