June 14, 2012 

Many of you know that on Monday Finn and I were named to the Short List for the US Olympic Eventing Team.  It’s an honor and a privilege, and most of all, a huge relief.  And while we are by no means on the team yet, making the short list was a big split in the road.  Had we ended up on the other fork, this ride would be over for another 4 years.   After all the ups, downs, twists and turns of the last months, as well as years, it is incredibly exciting to still be hanging on to this crazy little dream, to ride at the Olympics. From the time I first had Finn as a youngster, I can remember saying that if things went our way, he could get me to London.  That was youthful naiveté and 7 years ago.  I am so thankful, and amazed to be where we are right now.  When I think of all the missteps, mistakes, and misfortunes that shatter dreams every day, I am humbled.  When I think of all the people whose unwavering support and sage guidance have helped a young horse and rider go from small town to the biggest events in the world, I am so grateful! 

I am by far the most inexperienced rider on the short list, and Eventing is a sport that likes to make you pay your dues.  But then again, sometimes things line up, the timing is right, and you catch a strong updraft that takes you to precisely where convention says you wouldn’t be. 

After a year of competing in England I know that Finn and I are more competitive than ever.  We’re more experienced and more educated than when we came, and I’m eager to show that when we go into training camp next week.  The final selection trial is in two weeks at Barbury Castle.   That will ultimately determine just how far our journey will go, and I hope with everything I have, that it takes us all the way to Greenwich Park.  All I can do at this time is keep Finn as safe and healthy as possible and trust in our preparation to this point.  Of course it never hurts to cross your fingers, hope and pray, and be partial to a few superstitions!