Kalispell, MT 
Jul 19, 2010

After a fairly uneventful two days of driving and a short layover in Kennewick, WA, we’ve arrived in Kalispell, MT for the event at Rebecca Farms.  The horses all traveled well and, short of a blown tire on one of the other trailer’s, we didn’t have any trouble.  Even the tire wasn’t much of a hardship; the girls hooked themselves some cute boys to change it and we were back on the road in 20 minutes.  I need to start working on my “helpless girl on the side of the road” look.  One of these days I think it will come in handy!

My little bit of excitement was less than two hours out from arriving when a baby black bear went lumbering across the road in front of me with not the slightest care in the world.  When I say in front of me, I mean “screeching tires, horses plastered against the front of the trailer, white knuckles on the steering wheel” in front of me.  The little fellow had the consideration to at least turn his head a little to look at me and ponder what my problem was.  He really was cute, though he wouldn’t have been near as cute if he had been half a second slower.

Everyone’s thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to catching up on some sleep.  All the horses get to go out hacking today and will do a little work tomorrow.  Competition starts up on Thursday.  Hopefully there will not be anything exciting between now and then.