News from England

Chipping Sodbury
November 5, 2013

Not too much excitement since last I wrote. Winter has arrived in force, with freezing temperatures and even a “hurricane” that, all joking aside, brought 80 mph winds and torrential rain. Equestrians across the country were split, do the field horses come in, or do you leave them out? They’re sheltered by trees, but the trees will fall down… My unscientific study showed that all the Brits brought them in and suffered mucking out extra stables. The Aussies and Kiwis stuck it out, “ah mate, it’s just a bit of rain and wind!”. Our horses all came in. I am a California softy after all!

My girls, youngsters Jess and Rascal, are growing and improving every day. Jess continues to find life oh-so easy, and has everyone wrapped around her metaphorical finger. I jumped a cross country fence the other day, and she boldly took it on, leaping sky high just because she can, and pulling her feet up to her ears!!! I wish we’d snapped a photo as the view from on top was most impressive! Rascal amazes me with her continual improvement and how easy she finds collection; possibly that is why she never made it as a racehorse. If they keep going at this rate, I think we will have a lot of fun in the spring when they go out competing. Finn is feeling full of it, rainy wind not helping, and continually testing my bronc riding skills. It’s been a good while since I’ve been riding naughty broncs, so I’ve had to up my skills in a hurry! Funny how the reflexes go with time.

To supplement the little operation I have going at home, I’ve been taking on as much teaching and riding as I can. I enjoy getting out freelancing and meeting people. I find it interesting how, 3 years later, I now have a very similar arrangement in England to what I had in California. Ideally someday I will have everything out of one location, but for now, any work is good work.

Potentially my most exciting news is that I have an opportunity to buy a young advanced horse that has already proven to be a winner, and all indications would say, is a world class horse with the best yet to come. I am aiming to put together a syndicate to secure his purchase, and we are up against the clock. Other interest is growing as more people learn that he is up for sale. It is an opportunity to gain a very valuable horse for the future, and for the future of the American Team. I am reaching out to anyone who might be interested, or who might have connections that would be interested in becoming a part of the team. The USEF has made huge strides with the Eventing Owners Task Force, facilitating the formation of syndicates to make ownership affordable and tax deductible, and to bring likeminded people together with the common goal of winning medals at Olympic, Pan-American, and World Championships. If anyone has any connections that would potentially be interested in owning a share or two, I would be most appreciative of an introduction. I am optimistic that we can put together enough people to make this a reality, and add another superstar to my small but exciting team.