Oct 23, 2008

Kristi and I set out Sunday afternoon driving the horses home.  We hit a bit of a blizzard in Wyoming on Tuesday, and it was so cold Wednesday morning, we had a heck of a time starting the engine.  Nearly an hour later, and colder than I think I’ve ever been in my life, we got it going, and loaded the horses up wearing every blanket they had.  It was so cold, everything that got kicked up from the road, immediately froze on to the sides of the trailer, in a sort of cryogenically preserved collage of our trip.  We got to Kristi’s house in Auburn on Wednesday night, and Bea drove up to get me and Finn today.

It’s back to work at home, getting the young horses going for their final events of the year, and catching up on nearly a month’s worth of life.  Finian will get a well deserved rest after a big year, and then we’ll spend the winter doing our homework, looking to come out bigger and better in the spring.