Kalispell, MT
Jul 21, 2009

It seems like just a week ago that I was driving home to California and now I’m sitting in Kalispell, Montana writing this.  My mom and I left Carmel Valley early on Saturday and, other than a few more blown tires and 110* heat, we had an easy trip.  We spent the night at a nice barn in Pendleton, Oregon, and then an easy drive on to Rebecca Farm.  Everyone traveled well and has settled in.  How could they not, they have big 12×12 stalls (rather than the normal 10×10 show stalls) that have rubber mats, a big airy ceiling, tons of shade, and the most beautiful scenery possible.  I am normally so busy at events that I miss the forest for the trees, but yesterday I had nothing else to do and found myself just driving around admiring this whole area.  It’s all big mountains and green rolling meadows punctuated with lakes and rivers and the bluest sky I’ve ever seen.  I’m tempted to say that I could brave the winter here for the promise of this beauty every summer, but then again, I am a California born hot house flower. 

Today I’ll give the horses all an easy work and maybe even get a lesson on Finian with Mark Phillips.  Competition starts with Trot-ups for Finian and Regan on Thursday.  That is if we get Regan’s passport over-nighted to us from the USEF in time… sound familiar…?