Coatesville, PA
Apr 29, 2009

Hello from Pennsylvania.  It’s been a long four days of driving, but we arrived yesterday afternoon at Bea Cassou’s farm in Coatesville, my home for the next month and a half.   My big brother, Jason, naively agreed to accompany me across the country and has been a real godsend.  Promise not to tell, but he’s been feeding, watering, and walking the horses for me. I even caught him in an intimate discussion with Kelso yesterday when we stopped for Diesel.  He’d hate for his surfer-dude persona to be marred, but he makes quite a good horseman!

Regan and Kelso traveled really well, and are in great form.  They are thoroughly enjoying the beautiful turn out and had a great time rolling and prancing around when we put them out yesterday.  Regan found it difficult to decide whether he’d rather roll or eat, and settled on the idea of eating while lying down.  He had a striking resemblance to a Greek aristocrat reclining at a banquet.

Finian got on a van yesterday in California, and is en-route as I write.  He should arrive on Saturday and have a few days to rest before we head to New Jersey for his first big event.

I’m off to take Jason to the airport and then I plan to spend the afternoon learning my way around the area. Fingers crossed I don’t get myself too lost!