Cochranville, PA
Oct 11, 2008

Today I took Finn out hacking with Kristi and planned to just see how he was feeling.  One of the pasture horses got excited as we walked by and galloped over to see us.  This was all the enticement Finn needed to be off like a kite, leaping and prancing and snorting like an Arabian.  At that point I decided that Dougie had done his job well and Finn was fit to do a little work in the ring.  He felt the best he has since he arrived here, much stronger, straighter, and more adjustable.  I’m thrilled that we were able to sort that out with such a quick fix.  Tomorrow I think we’re planning to do another breeze up the hill and then Monday we will move the horses down to Fair Hill.  The weather has been exquisite the entire time I’ve been here, so I’m hoping it will hold out through next weekend.  That may be asking too much of an East-coast October.