Elkton, MD
Oct 15, 2008

Monday afternoon we packed up at Kate’s and moved the horses down to Fair Hill.  We had the barn set up and the “in-barn” veterinary inspections finished rather quickly and the rest of the evening was left to grazing, walking, and otherwise fussing over our horses. 

Tuesday most of the competitors arrived and the peaceful barns and grassy fields turned into a hustling, bustling, sea of people and trailers.  As is often the case, much was unfinished when it comes to the event organization and we just today were able to get our competitor numbers and barn credentials.

This afternoon we had the first jog out.  Finian trotted up very well and earned a few admirers for his looks too.  I’m off to walk the course for the first time, and then we have the grooms party this evening.  My mom is still in denial that she’s grooming for me, which I don’t understand since she does a pretty good job.  Maybe she’ll admit it by the end of the week.

Amid her many other talents and projects, my mother has been working busily on a website,   Not many are so lucky as to have a groom, secretary, web designer and mom all in one.

Finian got a fairly early number draw, 29 out of 82 entries, so we’ll be doing dressage tomorrow.  Then we have Friday off before cross country on Saturday.

Let’s hope for a relaxed and supple test tomorrow.