JFK, New York
Jun 7, 2011

A new chapter in our adventure called “life”.

As I write we’re sitting in the JFK airport watching the horses getting loaded on the plane and waiting to board so we can go join them. Kelly, who’s grooming for Jennie Brannigan’s Cambalda, and Nat who’s grooming for Will Faudree’s Pawlow and Andromaque are providing great comic relief and helping the many tedious hours of bureaucratic you know what pass a little quicker.  Kelly and I left from True Prospect Farm at 3:00 this morning with Ping and Finian, on our first leg of the trip to Luhmuehlen, Germany.  We arrived at JFK at 9:00 where we joined up with Nat, Will, and their two horses.  After weighing and tagging all the gear and sending it off on a truck, we sat around until 2:00 exhausting every form of time passing that we could.  After loading the horses up on another truck we said good bye to Will and headed off to the main terminal to check in ourselves.  After a 6 hour flight we’ll land in Amsterdam, go through the same bureaucratic you know what to get through customs there, and then be on our way, by truck, for a 6 hour drive to the event.  Once we arrive we’ll have a week to rest up before competition starts next Wednesday.

Here’s to a simple and non-eventful trip.  More news to follow from Germany.